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Ensuring Customer Satisfaction

Ensuring Customer Satisfaction

Among the biggest focuses of an organization's Service Desk is ensuring that the customers are consistently pleased. Simple to say in principle but more difficult in practice!

An obvious way would be to ensure you supply excellent service direction, but how? ITIL procedures must be a variable yet selecting which ones a small/medium sized company should deploy is another head scratcher.

My experience working within Service Management in among Europe's biggest banks while reaching ISO20000 certification had its challenges but, due to the size of the IT section, implementing new or changed procedures and realigning constructions to support them was comparatively straight forward. But when you've got a small/medium company where IT staff are at a premium, executing the entire raft of ITIL procedures isn't always possible or even needed.

So how can you determine which service management procedures are required for the business to ensure you've elated customers?

To summarise, my guidance on the first occupation on your way to having ecstatic customers would be to take a great look at your ServiceDesk: ensure you have the appropriate staff with the right 'individuals' abilities and you happen to be always looking at the best way to enhance the customer experience. Seek out customer comments at every chance, whether at customer service review meetings or regular customer surveys. We do both at Axonex: ensuring we've pleased customers both in great britain and across Europe. Just after you have done these things is it possible to focus on which ITIL procedure you must execute.

Personally I consider Incident, Problem, Change and Continuous Service Development as the essential procedures for small and medium size company's in addition to your Service Owner.